The school year is well underway and students have found a comfortable routine here in the CMC.  They are enjoying scouring the shelves for the newest books, discovering new authors and revisiting old favorites.

 What are we learning? 




Grade 2 Habitat Research

Grade 2 Habitat Research

This month, preschool and ECLC continue to practice library etiquette and how to for books.

 Grade 1 children are learning the differences between fiction and non-fiction books and how books are organized on the shelves. 

Grade 2 will be practicing using Destiny Quest to search for books, while Grade 3 will have the chance to make personal connections to text while being read aloud to this month. 

Grade 4 has been evaluating non-fiction books for usefulness for finding information about their migrating Immigration Island characters.


 IMG_1523Coming Soon!

We are looking forward to celebrating Filipiniana through a week-long exhibit of Filipino artifacts and books, the week of October 19-23.  Stay tuned for more information!