For the past few weeks, grade 3 students have been researching for answers to some important questions they have about biodiversity, ecosystems and human’s impact on the environment.  These are BIG questions!

First, they broke down their “big” question into smaller supporting questions.  Once they knew what they were looking for, they used “The Big 6” to make a plan of attack.

Using The Big 6, students:

1. Define their task
2. Identify resources to use
3. Locate the resources and brainstorm key words for internet or index searches
4. Use the information – take notes and cite sources
5. Put it all together into a project that shows their learning
6.  Evaluate how they did

During this unit, students were introduced to World Book Online, a great reference resource available through ISM’s media centers!  Ask your child to show you some of the cool features they used – you can access it from ISM’s portal page, under the “Media Center and other Online Services” link.

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