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Food of the Philippines (turon) Students will be introduced to different types of food in the Philippines with a short presentation. The children will make turon, and have a chance to sample it. The food items will be donated to members of our service staff at ISM

 Story Telling Students will listen to read aloud stories from the Philippines CMC Pat Hallinan (CMC Librarian) has organized a variety of stories and story tellers to read to the students

Art Activity Students will make crepe paper flower leis Mary-Rose Domingo Dance and Games of the Philippines

 Tinikling sticks and coconut shell walk Grade 2 Corridor Wilfred Agbayani Amanda Pekin

Language Learning Students will learn some vocabulary, functional language and phrases in Filipino through role play, communication games and singing Mina Ramirez 

 Jeepney Ride Students will ride in a Jeepney with their class on University Parkway. An ice-cream treat and taho will also be served at this center