It has been a fascinating Unit of Inquiry called “Location, Location, Location!” and now that we are coming close to the end of our investigations, it was fun to put all our location detective skills to work as we went on a field trip today. The bus scooped us up at 9:00 to whisk us off to the National Museum of the Filipino People… traffic was thick but our masterful bus driver got us there by 10:15 – phew!! Up we climbed to the 3rd floor, where we started our 6 part visit of the museum displays. It was fascinating to get an overview at the start of the Philippine map showing all the ethnic groups of the country. Can you guess how many different groups there are?? Wow – 230 different ethnic groups and 170 languages all within the archipelago we call home, the Philippines!! The museum organised these people into 4 regions: coastal, highland, lake and lowlands. As we moved our way through each area, it was fascinating to make the connections between what we were seeing in the display cases and our guiding question: how does WHERE you live affect HOW you live? It was very exciting to hear the AHAs coming from our wonderful Yodalandians as they made connection after connection as they saw tools, clothing examples, religious artifacts, housing models and maps. They even saw the influence of the Chinese and the Spanish, as they fit into the history of the Philippines. All along, our detectives were making notes on their clipboards (very studious!!). Time zoomed by and soon it was 12noon – time to go out in the courtyard for a picnic lunch on the grass. This had such a nice atmosphere – than you Rain Gods for not pouring down on our party! As we got back on the bus at 12:45 everyone was putting their estimation skills to work as they guessed when we would arrive back at ISM. Amazingly, we pulled into the school by 1:28 – zoom zoom! All in all, a super field trip… We actually only visited one of 3 floors available, if ever you want to come back to visit the rest with your family! Enjoy this slide show… [tylr-slidr width=”500″ height=”500″ userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]