Yesterday we had our final test. It was to invent something, using simpe machines. Our contraption was called Balloon Popper Extreme. The simple machines we used were: wedge, inclined plane, lever, wheel & axle. The judges gave us a grade and we were so nervous . They gave us an exemplary  in our presentation because we spoke clearly and loudly and made eye contact and we also demonstrated how our contraption worked. We were really nervous because whenever we tried our project, it didn’t really pop the balloon, but it was how we worked together because the judges didn’t really care if it worked or not, the point was to help us understand systems clearly. We were also supposed to see that a system needs simple machines to make it better. Mr Niznik said that if we made it shorter we would of had more fore and that there was more chance that it would work.  We enjoyed making our design because we worked really hard for it. The problem was that the dominoes kept on falling down when we just touched it. We also had to make alot of changes because sometimes it didnt work so we had to change it again. We think we did  agood job because we worked really hard and did our best.

by Catalina and Aneek