On Tuesday the 13 we had Mr. Niznik and David visit us  to inspect our contraption. We called our contraption, “The Simple Contraption”. Our objective was to push a little toy man into a cup. The simple machines we used were; the inclined plane, screw, wheels and axles. Before the inspection, we both felt very nervous. The inspectors looked our contraption and asked questions like : What did you enjoy about this project? Then they gave us feedback and made and wrote comments. As well as filling  in a rubric about our contraption, presentation and knowledge, I think they enjoyed the demonatration. We both thought we did a good job because our contraption worked just as planned. We also came across some frustration with parts of our contraption, for example; the dominoes because they kept on falling over and over again.  Everyday of our project we had to fill in a diary of the changes we made.  We made quite a lot of changes, for example; we changed the lever to a screw because it was hard to balance the marble on the other side of the lever. We also changed the balloon to a toy man because the balloon was bigger than a domino so it was difficult to pop. We also found the screw hard to make from plastic cups.  So we had to use lots of tape.

We really enjoyed making it and planning it.

by Sarah-Mei and Woo Suk