On 13/12/11  we had our systems contraption test with Mr.David and Mr.Niznik. It was very scary, that’s why some people’s contraption didn’t work, but Ms.Cooney told us that it wasn’t about if it worked or not, it was about if you were creative and if you were thinking about your work. Our contraption was supposed to pop a balloon, but it didn’t pop! It worked when we tried it in the testing. It didn’t work when Mr. Niznik and Mr. David saw it. They asked us lots of qyestions and some were hard to answer. Our contraption sometimes worked but most of the time, it didn’t work. Since Mr. Niznik is an engineer, he really liked our contraption, so did Mr. David. Mr. Niknik said that when you are an engineer you have to do and make hard stuff like the contraptions our whole class made.

by Wafia and Alex