We had our final design challenge. Two judges came to grade our project. Their names were Mr. Niznik and David. I think we did a pretty good job on our project. Even though on the day it didn’t work, it was okay because they graded us on presentation and creativity too. It was very scary to present our invention but after a while it was easier to talk. Our first design was quite complicated and nearly impossible! After a while, our design became less complicated and became easier to build. We had about two weeks to build our design. The most fun part of building the design was actually building our invention. We had one hour a day to work on our project. Our project was made up of 2 wooden boards, some dominoes, a little bit of cardboard, 3 toilet paper tubes,  a lot of tens blocks, some paper, a marble, a cup and a lot of tape! The aim of the game was  to get a marble in a cup. We had four simple machines in our contraption. They were the screw, wheel and axle, inclined and a lever.

By Pari and Zwe