This week we have kicked off our new unit on “Discovery”. Focusing on outer space, our understanding for the unit is; Through scientific investigation, we can discover what is beyond Earth. I’m sure that our visit to the planetarium will led to many wondering questions for us to inquire into and learn.

Our essential questions for this unit below indicate what we would like the children to know by the end of the unit.

1.  What is beyond Earth?

2.  Why does day and night happen?

3.  How is the solar system interconnected?

Below is a list of key vocabulary used during this unit.

Solar System, Rotation, Revolution, Planets, Stars, Sun, Moon, Earth, Interconnectedness, Systems, Orbit, Gravity, Galaxy, cycles, quarters, halves, terrain, location, characteristics, outer space, crater, phase, waxing, waning, crescent, new moon, full moon, gibbous, satellite, sun dial, distance, observation, experiment, prediction, axis

Today the children had an opportunity to think about the Earth and beyond and brainstorm what they already know.  Below is a list of ideas that the class came up collectively.  Our next step in the learning process is to find out what the children want to know that will guide where how our learning tasks may go.  Please talk with your child at home and feel free to share any new insights you discover together or any wonderings you may have that the children can explore further into.

The children are encouraged to bring and share any materials they might have with the class.  Please just be sure that their names are on whatever it is that they choose to bring in.