Today we were fortunate enough to have a high school physics teachercome to our class in order to help us answer some of the questions we have regarding the universe! His entrance was certainly impressive (video below!). Having settled down the children shared with Mr. Ringo some of our most pressing questions. We were all amazed as Mr. Ringo was able to answer every single question!

Some of the questions asked were;

  • Do Aliens exist?
  • What would happen if we were sucked into a black hole?
  • Would Mars be a good planet to live

We reflected on our astronaut visit below are some of the children’s reflections;

I felt happy when he walked in because I want to see smart people teach us about space – Azfil

I am wondering about how Mr Ringo knows so much about space! – Matteo

I learned that there are billions of stars in a galaxy. Also that gas planets have rings because they have so much gravity. There are millions of galaxies in the universe – Ian

I learnt that time would get slower as we go nearer a black hole ! – Eve