Shooting Stars’ Parents,

Having your child reading and writing on a daily basis is extremely important for their overall development in literacy.  The more frequently they carry out these two acts, the greater knowledge they will attain, and will be  strengthening their skills in the process.

It’s important to ask questions about literature your child is reading at home that allows them to go back through their reading and find the answers, but also provide them with questions that allow them to predict or give their reasoning for what is happening in the story.

A way to incorporate writing into their daily home lives would be to:

1.  Create a to-do list of tasks they need to accomplish at home that day.

2.  Complete a daily journal entry that allows them to share their thoughts about their day and provide reasoning for their thinking and with added details.

3.  After reading, they can write a summary of what happened in their story, write questions on the book they’ve read to challenge someone to find the answers or write their opinion of the story with evidence.

**  It’s important, that at this point, your child’s handwriting should be legible to others.  Reminding them to put forth their greatest efforts in this area will eventually make this task easier for them as they continue to grow and develop.   They have proven to be successful in the classroom, therefore are very capable 🙂

As always, thanks for your support and dedication to making your child’s Second Grade experience as positive one!