Here are some fun games with cards, dice and even an image you can play by yourself or with a family member at home to practice your numeracy skills!

1.  Flip two cards and add to get the sum or subtract to get the difference

2. Take a dice and roll it over (or use cards and flip them over).  Write down that number.  Then roll the dice again and write down that new number to continue the addition number sentence.  Roll up to five times to get five different addends and then use your number knowledge to find an easy way to add all numbers together!

3. With a deck of cards flip 3 cards over at the same time.  Put the cards in order from greatest to least.  Identify the digit in each place value.  Challenge yourself to do this with numbers into the thousands and ten thousands!

4.  Make two and three digit numbers of your own using cards and create vertical equations and solve for the sum (using carrying) and for the difference (using borrowing).

5.  Take a picture and see how many addition and subtraction number stories you can create with that one image.  See if mom and dad can solve your challenges!

**  Can you give us a game to play that will challenge us to use our numeracy skills that we can also play at home??