In our class we had a simple machines (systems) project. We had to bring the materials from home. We had 1 week to finish the project. We had to have at least 3 simple machines. My partner and I had an inclined plane, a wheel and axle, and a lever. At the start, I drew a first plan with pulley, a wedge, and an inclined plane. We changed it because we didn’t have the wedge or pulley. We called our contraption “The Complicated Contraption.” After our final plan, our contraption didn’t fit its name. Then my partner and I┬átried thinking of another one – we couldn’t think of one. With 3 days to the presentation, we only had 2 simple machines. Then on the day before the presentation we added another simple machine (wheel and axle )! On the day of the presentation, we did well, even if we were nervous. We are happy with our work.


By: Adi and Masha