In P.E. we are now in the ES gym. But since we just started in the ES gym, we are going to talk about the covered court. We just learned tennis & hockey. Also in the covered court, we did we did 5 challenges with the hula hoop, jump rope, volley, air dribbling and thorwing & catching. We learned a tag game called blob tag. This is how you play blob tag: 1st two people are IT and they have to run after the other people, and after the IT tags people they link together, and when they are 4 people linked together they have to separate into 2. One of our favorite games in  P.E. is Ultimate Dodgeball. To play it,  you have to get a ball & hit people with the ball. If you hit someone, they go sit down if you get  hit you will sit down & the person you hit goes up. Another game we like is Chuk the Chook, first make 2 groups & then one group throws something & the other team has to get it & pass the object backwards while the other team huddles up, & the one who threw the object runs around his/her team & the number of the laps he/she ran is the points for the team. Then the other team gets a turn to throw. It’s fun in our P.E. lessons.

By: Sandro, Anders and Milan