It’s been another busy week with a great variety of learning going on. During our buddy time, Grade 4 helped their buddies complete their CSI 100 work from the previous week. This is an activity the grade 4 students have already done and guided their buddies. They watched a very entertaining video entitled, ‘What Teachers do on a Playdate’. It demonstrates expected behaviour, social graces and friendship.

In Maths, the students consolidated their knowledge and skills in multiplication using 2 and 3 digits – done the lattice and partial products ways, as well as long division accomplished in 3 different methods – using long division, partial quotients and the short way. Your child may be able to show you how to do these. Or this link will help:

We thank our ESL students for sharing their learning on child rights during our inclusion class. It brought in more questions than answers about rights and responsibilities. If students believe that these rights are here and publicised, then how does one make sure that these rights are being upheld?

Congratulations to the members of the Children’s Musical Theatre who put in a grand performance on Thursday afternoon. They worked very hard to put together a wonderfully entertaining show.

The class had their first taste of middle school this week. There was a lively question and answer session about expectations, concerns and suggestions. There will be more information coming soon about middle school.


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