Launching off our study of the moon, the children first visited their U.O.I. notebooks to create a “Bridge of  Learning” mind-map.  Here they worked on the first part of the bridge, which was what they are “thinking now” about the moon.  Using the story, The Disappearing Moon as a read aloud, to promote the children’s thinking about why the moon seems to change it’s shape, the children began to get excited to share their prior knowledge of the moon with the squirrel character in the story.  Before reading the story in it’s entity, we paused to take a look at  video on Brainpop Jr. that gave us some more information about the moon and it’s phases.   Once the video was finished we went back to the read aloud to find out if Squirrel learned the truth about the moon and it’s phases.  Then the children went back to their notebooks to reflect on new learnings that they took away from the story and video on the second part of their learning bridge “How My Learning Has Changed”.

The following day, we revisited the 8 phases of the moon by creating a class diagram.  Then the children were put to one more challenge!  They had to show the 8 phases of the moon, in the correct order, using oreo cookies!!  A final treat, once the children were successful in their task, they got to enjoy a tasty treat!

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