This week the children inquired into constellations.  During Literacy Rotations, they worked with our Teacher Apprentice, Jose, and read the story “Zoo in the Sky”.  During this time the children made connections to what they already knew and had some new learnings as well.

On Wednesday the children did a “Think, Pair, Share” activity where they brainstormed what they knew about constellations, shared their knowledge with a partner and then shared for a second time with the whole class.  Below are a list of their prior knowledge.

What we know about Constellations

  • Stars that go together and make different kinds of animals, shapes and things.
  • A group of stars that make a shape.
  • A picture of something.
  • A collection of stars that make a picture.
  • A group of stars from the Southern and Northern sky.
  • Examples of constellations:
    • Leo the Lion
    • Pegasus
    • Big Dipper/ Little Dipper
    • Scorpio
    • Draco the Dragon
    • Gemini the Twins
    • Phoenix
    • Cancer the Crab

The children also discussed the some of the stories (or myths) of how the constellations came to be.  After that they created their own constellation and wrote and poem or story about their constellations origin.  Stay tuned for some examples of the children’s unique constellations and stories/poems.