Last week we began discussing the night sky. The children made observations, drew what they saw (the night before), and made some predictions about why the sky looks the way it does. From this discussion, many children began to wonder why the moon doesn’t always look the same andif it physically changes or it just appears to change. After that the children did a bit of research and discovered that the moon only appears to change. The sun is actually lighting up one side of the moon and our view of the moon is what changes, not the moon itself. We learned that the moon goes through eight phases (NOT faces :-))each month.

Today the children extended their learning by drawing the moon phases and (with a partner) munching on oreo cookies to show the phases. The frosting portion of the cookie represented the illuminated portion of the moon. Once they finished creating their cookie masterpieces, they shared their understanding with a different partner, explaining the phases of the moon.

Here are a few pictures from the Moon Munching lesson:

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