With more Middle School information coming out, the students are becoming increasingly excited about their upcoming new adventure. Two Grade 5 ambassadors visited our class and held a question and answer session, supported by a PowerPoint presentation. The students visited the Little Theatre this week to experience the different musical instruments which are on offer for Grade 5 next year.

The author of ‘Trash’ plus other novels, a British School teacher, Andy Mulligan, visited Grade 4 this week. He spoke with the students about being an author and how he generates his ideas for his stories. We thank Ms Pat for organising this informative visit. Grades 7 and 8 students came to read stories as part of their drama and voice practice. We certainly enjoyed their visit.

The students, in pairs, processed a story about Ruby Bridges. They connected their thoughts to child rights and what it meant to them. As part of the literature programme, the students will begin their novel study. Their novel is related to rights.There are other skills and learning involved in this activity. Time management, note taking and writing are all components of this work. Enjoy the long weekend.


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