This week saw our students with their Grade 1 buddies looking over learning journals. This will be one of the items they will present to their parents during the Student Led conference meeting next week. These journals show growth in learning.

Our class studied BIG numbers in a BIG way. We looked at the growing global population, 7 billion and still counting. The students spent a morning conducting their own investigation of BIG numbers and shared their findings with a partner. Here is one of the video links we watched.

Novel studies are ongoing. Students are encouraged to continue their reading and  individual work. As time management and organisation are skills which are part of this activity, students are being monitored so that time is being used wisely to complete their work. What is the difference between able, disabled, enable and unable? We discussed and studied these words and others in small groups to crystallise understanding and meaning.

We thank Catalina’s mum, who came in as guest speaker for grade 4 classes. She shared much valuable information about the work she does in helping poor families enjoy basic rights, especially with children in assisting them with their right to education, food and medical support.     Please browse this short clip, which will become more meaningful  for your child next week. It ties in closely with our work on child rights.

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