Over the past couple of weeks the children have been working on their final project in our Discovery unit.  Below is the movie video that was presented to the children; which presented them with their  final challenge for this unit.


Following the mission video, the children were grouped into 3’s to brainstorm about their new planet discovery.  Here are some images of the children working hard at this step.

Below are the links to the children’s podcasts!  Enjoy!

Spinazig – By Riho, Tejas and Adit

Tripelonix – By Tia, Watura and Ocean

Lightner – By Khanh Nam, Janik and Riya

Purinkown – By Maya, Junhong and Christine

Siranus – By Anushka, Rand and Luc

Lavo – By Joan, Jakob and Kaopoon

Crimecloud – By Holden, Lillian and Joaquin