It all started on Valentines Day, when out came a special math treat from Mrs. McGrath… introducing the concepts of fractions using M & M candies!!!!! After that sweet intro, our fractions rolled on through the true meaning of fractions; identifying parts of a whole and parts of a set; comparing and ordering fractions;mixed and improoper fractions; finding equivalent fractions; solving fraction stories and playing fracion games using hands-on manipulatives. We had a chance to share our thinking in our “TAT FractoBooks” and then did a final show off in the last week of school before the Spring Break. For a laugh, be sure to ask your child to explain the “bad cousin” called IMPROPER FRACTION!! Hint: it involves a motorcycle, leather jacket and tattoos, amongst other items!! Enjoythese photographs of our Learning Journey over the past month. Now we are moving on to (the related) decimals!! [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr]