About 2 months ago, we went to a school called Don Bosco.  We went with Ms. Markovich’s class. We went there during the time we were studying about child rights. When we arrived, the headmaster of the school, Father Rocky  told us that some of the kids that were staying there were found on the streets abandoned, and some are orphans. We thought it was a pretty nice school, it was big and cheerful. After our visit with Father Rocky, we went to the gym to begin the program. When we got there, we liked the gym because it was full of different activities  like rugby, basketball, soccer, tag, and card games. At the beginning, we were divided into 6 groups, and each group had students from ISM and Don Bosco. We played games like  who had the longest hair, who was tallest, who had the biggest shoe, the longest index finger, who was the oldest. When it was time for us to leave, our buddies exchanged their name tags with us as a souvenir. After that trip we wrote a reflection about our experience to Don Bosco!

By: Catalina and Alex