In February, we had Sports Day. We had lots of fun and we really enjoyed playing the games there. We went to the Field, the covered court and the swimming pool. Our favorite activity was the Dunk Tank  because we both got Dunked. We also did relays and played games like Patentero, Swamp Ball and games like that. At the Covered Court we did relays, Phiness , Fitness area and we did the team challenge and finally Table Tennis. At the swimming pool, we played more games and had competitions. I did the Rescue Tube Relay, the Rescue Relay and the best stroke relay. Victoria did the Dress Up Relay, the Big Mat Relay, the Rescue Tube Relay and the Sunken Treasure.

At the beginning of the day, we had the Ceremony in the MS gym and had music and dancing and Victoria  showed off the class t-shirt. She did the splits while showing off our t-shirt. Then we had the awards ceremony and got awards. Sports Day was awesome!

By: Victoria and Woo Suk