We went to our buddies in PCF! In the morning, around 8, we left for our trip to Tondo School. Our transportation was a bus. On the way, we saw some unbelievable things. We saw a lot of houses that weren’t secured as the ones we live in and they looked like dumpsters. When we got there, we smelled an odor in the air. It was coming from Smokey Mountain. Smokey Mountain is made completely out of the garbage we throw. When we got off the bus, we went directly into the school. Our first activity with our buddies was to watch a magic show. The magician was Mrs. Cooney’s friend. We saw amazing tricks. He made some of us dance and he turned Wafia into a bunny! We had a ton of confetti on our hands! After that, our buddy’s parents taught us how to make jewelry out of recycled materials. We went to their playground upstairs. We saw fires igniting at Smokey Mountain. We also played a game called Over and Under. We stayed there for about 4-5 hours. We said goodbye to them before we left. Sadly, this was the last time seeing them :(. We had a bundle of fun and we hope to see them again.