This week’s inquiry work has raised more questions about why things happen. Do ask your child about the experiments they observed and conducted. What changes did they notice? Why did they happen? Were changes and variables documented accurately? What were their variables? How was their thinking challenged? What strategies were used? How strong is an egg? Place an egg in the palm of one hand and squeeze with that hand only.

Grade 4 students accompanied their buddies to the Used Book Fair in the CMC. They helped them select appropriate books, check prices against the cash they had and count change. We had our own visit to the Used Book Fair on Tuesday.

In Maths, we continue to move on with our study of fractions. The students are learning to compare fractions, calculate equivalent fractions, and recognise fractional parts of shapes. They are also looking at operations with like denominators of fractions. We’re covering some area and perimeter concepts and learning to use correct units from computations.

Mr. McCallum showed us how to create our own Mangatars this week. Please check our blogs to view our cartoon-like images! And enjoy reading about our learning every day. Please add your comments – we love reading them!

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