The students began their science investigations this week. There is an interesting and varied range of experiments. These will run over a period of about two weeks. This allows time for the students to record observations, while implementing (and practising) their scientific process. Accurately noting and collecting data is an important part of this project. Do they notice changes? Is there a pattern? Are the patterns significant? What happens with change? What changes were there and why were they made? Illustrations show the stages of their experiments, along with photo evidence. In line with our investigations, Mr. Flynn popped in for a visit and talked about chemical reactions. Fire! After informing the students about what causes fires and what fires like, he showed us a green fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Mr. Flynn explained how these worked when fighting fire. We now know how to protect ourselves when there is a fire! Mr. Flynn’s following the school rule and keeping us SAFE.

Four students organised speeches for the Moving On Ceremony. Two were elected and they will combine their efforts and prepare for the big day collaboratively.

Our buddies visited us this week. The students read them a story entitiled, ‘Grandfather’s Tang’s Story’, and then worked on tangram figures from the story and independent cards. It’s tricky manipulating those seven shapes into pictures! Please browse the photos below.


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