Our experiment is based on the question which is, “Which plant will survive for the longest, the one in the sun or the one in the shade?” One plant is in a cupboard and the other one is in the sun. They both look the same which is quite interesting. We collected data about the plant and what it was doing every day. We noted details such as; how it was growing, if it was surviving without sunlight and so on.  The plants grew a lot and every day we gave them 15 ml of water. We noticed that the plant without sun was becoming paler than the one with sun. Our observation was that the plant without sunlight was watery compared to the other plant. Our other observation was that the plant with sun grew a bit taller, and the plant without sun was becoming pale. The plant in the  dark didn’t grow as well as the plant in the sun, that grew about 1 or 2 mm more. The dirt is really moist  and gooey because the sun does not evaporate it. Otherwise  it would be the same as the one under the sun! The plant in the  dark had  kinda purple leaves. I have noticed that the leaves (that are from the plant in the sun) are going softer and the other leaves are going more crinkly. I hope that we get to know the answer to our question soon!

Thank you for reading this post!

By Asha, Victoria and Masha