Our experiment is about hamsters and what they like to eat. At the beginning, my partner and I planned out what we were going to do.  We decided to do something different from the other plan because  a an unfortuanate event occurred when one of  the hamsters died.So we cahnged the plan to what hamsters favourite food is. I was basically the same idea except with only one hamster. So anyway, for the blog we have written a little script about what we have done. Person 1: At school we are doing a hamster experiment.
Person 2: So it's ...... HAMSTER TIME!
Person 1: OK, umm let's get back on topic. So our teacher
  assigned us to do a science experiment. She said we could be 
          alone or be with a buddy.
Person 2: Well, obviously to do this experiment, we chose a buddy! Plus, I had the hamsters.
Person 1: So I had this great idea, maybe we could use my buddy's hamsters to do the experiment!
Person 2: So the experiment is that we want to see which food  the  hamster likes best.
Person 1: Everyday, we give the hamster 2 types of food. 
          Hamster mix and Dried corn.
Person 2: Ummm..I think its favorite food will be hamster mix cause it's called hamster mix, so they're supposed to like it. So far our prediction is right!
Person 1: Yeah, and we weigh the food so its 25 grams and give it to the hamster.  Sometimes we give him 
          10 or more grams,depending on how much he likes the food. Also, We weigh the hamster before and after the 
Person 2: How do you remember all this?! And that's pretty much it.
Person 1: Woah, woah, woah! We're not even close to the end! Well maybe a little bit... But you know
          we also need to write down all the data.
Person 2: So far our experiment is going well... Maybe to well!
Person 1: Yeah, and I can't wait until the end!
Person 2: And that's the end. t
Person 1: t!?
Person 2: Oops, typo. Bye!
Person 1: Bye!                         Person 1- Logging off
                                            Person 2- Logged off
                                            Person 1- Logging on
                                            Person 2- Logged on 
Person 2: Yes?
Person 1: I really need to tell you something about our experiment!
Person 2: Whatta?
Person 1: I just wanted to say that, this takes a looot of commitment and I am really impressed because we
worked so well together.
Person 2: I know.
Person 1: Well I guess this is the end.
Person 2: Yep. Bye
Person 1: This is my final comment. 
Person 1: Bye   Person 2- Logged off
                                                Person 1- Logging off
                                                Person 2- Logged on
One day later, at 5 in the morning.

Person 2: Hello? Hello? Bye. 
Person 2: Well, I just wanted to say I am doing the data for the hamster now. Wait, remember yesterday we ended our experiment and our prediction was right! The hamster likes the hamster mix better! 
Person 2: Oops, I just realized you were logged off. Bye. 
Person 2: P.S sorry for disturbing you.

                                                    Person 1- Logged on
Person 1: Can I sleep now?

Person 1- Blocking All Comments. I'm asleep, please do not disturb. zzzzz