In our class, we are working on our science unit of inquiry. We had to think of a question and turn it into a experiment. Our question is: Other than dirt, what can worms eat that keeps them alive? Adi’s hypothesis is that the worms will die in 5 days. James’ hypothesis was that the worms will die in 3 days.  Our experiment is about worms and their diet. We first gave the worms newspaper and apple peel. The procedure is this:

1. Get a shoe box, worms, apple peel (optional), newspaper shreds (Inquirer not Bulletin), soil (damp), water.

2. Open the box.

3. Put newspaper in the box. MAKE sure it’s Inquirer!! Newspaper also optional.

4. Put the worm in the box.

5. Put the thinly sliced apple peels in the box. (just a few grams)

6. Close the box.

7. Observe what you see from the box the next day.

8. Do this for a week, change worm if dead.

The safety rules are: Pick up the worm with a glove and wash hands after picking up worm!

Some problems we had when we were getting everything prepared was, where would we get the worms and what climate to put them in. You can use anything like banana peels. DON’T use toys or something a worm can’t digest! Some worms try to escape, so tape the box’s edges so that the worms can’t get through. The reason why worms need soil is because they feel more comfortable. Don’t put too much soil otherwise the worms won’t see the food and might not eat it! Also don’t put all your food at once because if the worm eats it all you won’t have more food to give it for the rest of the day.

Our observations:

Day 1: The worms were trying to escape from the corners of the box.

Day 2: The worms hardened and died because they didn’t have enough soil.

Day 3-5: Could not get new worms.

Day 6: We got new worms. We put them in a better environment, in damp soil and wrapped the box in cling wrap.

Day 7: The worms camouflaged in the soil and are still alive.


After all the processes, we realised that we have to keep the worms alive with a ton of damp soil. At first, Adi thought the worms would survive with not that much soil. The worms are still alive.


After our project, we learned that worms cannot survive without damp soil. We also learned that we needed more time for the worms to get used to being in a box and with newspapers.

By: Adi and James