Jenny and I  paired up and we had to think of a question to investigate as an experiment. We chose to do something about composting and our question is, ” What de-composes faster, piece of banana peel or an apple core?” Jenny took charge of the banana experiment, when I decided to  observe how fast an apple core de-composes. Jenny’s hypothesis was that the banana peel piece would de-compose faster, because it is less thick and  longer, and I thought the same. So far, our experiments are going pretty well.

         Our materials were: a container, a cap for the container, scissors to cut a hole out in the cap, soil, worms, leaves, a banana and an apple core.

         This is our method: The first step is to put soil on the bottom and the second step is to put 7 worms in each cup. The third step is to put the apple core or the banana peel in the cups. Then you put more dirt and the last step is to put some cut leaves on top.

The De-Composion






By: Jenny and Wafia