In our class, Milan and I did an experiment about potato power.

Our question was: Which size potato had more power the small ones the medium ones or the big ones?

Our hypothesis was: that the big potatoes will have more power then the other potatoes.

These are the materials we used:  3 nails, 3 wires, 6 potatoes 2 in each sizes, one voltmeter.

Our observations: is that when we poked a nail into the potatoes it wouldn’t give so much power as when we placed the nail on to the potatoes.

First, we  though that it would be easy to make but it got harder because it did not work. We had to place the metal on the potatoes. We found out that the energy was  in the juice. When we poked the nail in the potato all the way the voltage was low but when we scrubbed of a little piece of the potato skin and we let the nail lie on top of  the potato and pushed the nail we had more power.


The small potatoes gave us power of 175 half volts. The medium potatoes gave us power of 180 volts. The large potatoes gave us power of 160 volts.


Our hypothesis was incorrect. We thought that the biggest potato was going to produce the most power. But it did not happen. The middle sized potato had most energy. Maybe in some spots of the potato is more juice because in the juice is the power.