Last week, we started on our Independent Investigation project. Our experiment is called, “Worm Experiment.”


Our will the worm like the dirt or the newspaper?

My hypothesis was that the worms will eat the newspaper more.

Alex’s hypothesis was that the worm will like the dirt.


2 shoe boxes

2 worms




tissue paper if you need it


1. Get 2 shoe boxes.

2. Get 2 worms.

3. Put 2 worms in the 2 boxes. Put 2 in one and the other in other shoe box.

4. Give the first worm dirt in a box.

5. Give the second worm newspaper but not dry.


First, we weighed the food to see how much food we put in. Then, the next day, we weighed how much the worm had eaten. But the worm died because the worms did not have enough water in the soil and had too much sun light. Also, there was not enough soil to keep the worms wet and moist. When we saw the worms, we observed that it was so dry that they felt like a rock! We needed damp soil not dry soil. We discovered that if you give the worm the peeled fruit, it will eat. Worms like peeled fruit.

By: Aneek and Alex