What a whirlwind start to the year it has been… It was very exciting to greet all of my new students on Monday August 6 and get to know them. Monday and Tuesday were filled with name games, getting to know each other activities and getting to know the routines of Mrs. McGrath’s classroom. With Read Alouds galore, including the favourite “Miss Nelson is Missing”, the year started with a bang! Or wait… was that a bang of thunder and the crack of lightning??! The rain poured down so heavily on the second day of school that other schools in the area were closed and ISM administration sent students home early. The rain continued…and continued…and continued… until a rapid fire of emails went out announcing that school was cancelled on the Wednesday! The rain continued and continued… and soon Thursday was declared a monsoon day – NO SCHOOL!!! What a wet start to the school year. Thankfully we were able to get back to school on Friday, although terrible flooding had happened in most of Manila. The following week was a complete 5 days, which gave us a chance to figure out more info about new friends and start routines. We all knew that the following Tuesday was a national holiday… but who imagined that the President would declare the Monday a national holiday too?!!! Suddenly we found ourselves with a four day weekend!

Like I said, a whirlwind start to Grade 3 at ISM…! But I already have a very special feeling about this year – you can just tell sometimes that amazing things are going to be happening and amazing friendships will be made. We are becoming “Masters of our Own Learning” and taking that big step towards independence, responsibility and deep thinking. We are welcoming 5 new students to ISM (yeah, Jakob, Oliver S., Shamir, Quinten and Teun. We are uniting 22 people as one “country”, dedicated to working together and helping each other. As a way of introduction, please enjoy the slide show of photos taken from  the first 2 weeks of school… I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!!! Parents, students, friends and family overseas are all encouraged to add comments to any of the posts as they are published. Long live Smartia!!!