It is amazing how the puzzle pieces fit together so incredibly well (or did I just plan it that way? – wink, wink!!). We are at the start of the new school year , which is the perfect time to bond as a learning community. Along comes the opportunity for Grade 3 students to be Student Council representatives… along comes the name of our new country  … what better concept to introduce, but elections and voting!! The “Voice of the People” and “taking control of your own Learning Journey” are two very important concepts as children move from the world of lower elementary to upper elementary at ISM. As I have said to my students: You are Masters of your Own Learning!!

Once we finished the Student Council elections, we moved on to naming the class. This process took all week as we brainstormed ideas and gradually voted down the number until it was the final Round # 4. Our winner was: SMARTIA!! Once we had a country name, then we created names for the “states” of Smartia (our table groups). Of course every country needs a leader, so election speeches for Class President and Vice President happened next. Thank you to all candidates that ran for election: Lucas, Sarah, Jade, Nokulunga, and Jakob. It takes a lot of courage at the start of a new school year. Bravo, all the speeches were well done. The final count saw Jakob being elected as the first ever Smartian President and Lucas as the Vice President. Congratulations!!

Of course, once we have a country that we belong to, we need to have a country flag and crest! Who better to design and then choose which one shall become the official Smartian symbols, than the CITIZENS of Smartia! Stay tuned to the blog for results of next week’s flag and crest voting. Exciting offshoots have since come up from the children: an official Smartian anthem… an official Smartian dance. The sky is the limit!

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] We have a plan for the individuals in the class (Traffic Lights) – we have a plan for the table groups in the class (Table Agreements). What is the final puzzle piece to becoming whole?? An agreed plan for our country…a CONSTITUTION. Stay tuned for our Country Commitments!!!

Enjoy this slide show showing photos from all the different events over the past 3 weeks showing how we have come together to form the nation of Smartia!