As students get older, it sometimes becomes harder and harder to get information out of them!! More than just a “newspaper reporter” account of “what did you do today?”, it is more fun for parents to get a feeling for what was going on in their child’s head (thoughts) and their heart (feelings). This past Friday, the Smartians were introduced to the concept of “DMD… Dear Mum and Dad” letters. They wrote for 30 minutes and then rated their first ever letter on a scale of 1 to 10… 10 being really JUICY and FUN to read, and 1 being BORING and JUST REPORTING the “what” instead of the “how was it feeling, what were you thinking?” !! It is the hope and desire that each ad every parent enjoy and cherish this special time together with their child by writing back a juicy letter each weekend. Be sure to answer any questiosn the children have asked, and continue the bond of the letter by asking 1-2 questiosn of your own! That way, the Smartians will always have a thread to start their letter off … Have a look at the powerpoint and see what you think of this Gade 3 tradition. Hopefully this book might become  a family heirloom to look back on when the Smartians are “old and grey”!!