Everyone is motivated by different things and it can’t harm to search around for the magical “key” for different students. H.O.T. coupons came to town this week, as an extra little way to help some children with organisational routines and add some fun. It’s quite simple – if you manage to organise yourself to get your work to school on time, then you can put in a H.O.T coupon to the decorated box. If you didn’t manage to get it back to school on time, it’s not the end of the world… life goes on, we all understand. You just make plans for bringing it in the next day etc. Obviously the more often you bring “homework on time”, the more H.O.T. coupons you have in the box and the more chances of having your name pulled each Friday!! Mrs. McGrath pulls out her treasure chest of little goodies and the winner gets to poke around and choose a favourite freebie. Simple, fun – works for some and doesn’t work for others– life, in a nutshell! Congratulations to Callum for being our first ever Smartian H.O.T. coupon winner!!!