Smartia is all about thinking deeply… diving into the “pool of Understanding and Knowledge”! We took the plunge this week in Reading Workshop as we continued understanding what good readers do. One big thing that good readers do is to be an ACTIVE READER. But what does this actually mean? What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? It all starts with making our thinking visible – we listened to some more of our class Read Aloud called “How to Be Cool in Grade 3”, but this time we had our “Stop and Jot” mini notepads ready for some evidence gathering. What is that? Why bother?! Reading is all about thinking and connecting… GROWING THEORIES…! Once we all gathered detective notes, I asked everyone to pick ONE idea that they were forming (a theory) about the 2 characters, Robbie and Bo Hane,y that they felt would make the LONGEST, JUICIEST CONVERSATION possible with a partner. They wrote this on ONE Post it note, and then got into partners for a theory share. They wanted to see how long they could keep their conversation “ball bouncing” back and forth on the same topic! The timer was on for them to monitor how they were doing… some conversations were still going when we stopped after 10 minutes!! WOW, now that is one giant Brain Splat!!