This week we have been working with numbers by thinking logically of what makes sense based on the given information.  The children explored their problem solving skills by working in groups to try and solve words problems using only unifix cubes to explain their thinking and show their thought process.  Below is an example of the word problems and photos of the kids working through to solve them.








The children have had their second go ahead with working with Marcy Cook skill boards.  The children work through skill boards at their own pace and apply their logic in order to solve the challenges.  The children keep track of their progress by filling in their tracking sheets as they complete a skill board.  Below are examples of the skill boards and how they are completed.  As the the children move forward, the boards get progressively more challenging.  This seems to be many of the children’s favorite learning times during the week!  Pablo even thanked me for “filling his bucket” because he was so happy to hear that this was how we were spending our learning time for that period.