¬†Collaboration is a big part of ISM, as is inquiry-based learning. When we heard that the Grade 9s were investigating the same sort of questions that we are at the Grade 3 level, it was obvious that this could become a collaborative project. The high school students had the assignment of creating an iMovie convincing their audience of the Top Ten Reasons to Exercise. This is one example of physical wellbeing, which is one component of being “healthy”. We discovered a lot of other areas of health when we went down to the Grade 9 class to start our collaboration: physical health, mental health, social health, spiritual health and environmental health!! On Day One they met, discussed and planned. Yesterday the groups solidified their plans and then headed out to different areas of the school to start videotaping. Look out Hollywood – here we come!!!¬† [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157631533109120/[/tylr-slidr]