Have you ever seen the movie “Over the Hedge”, where the animals of the forest always wonder what they would find if ever they went through the massive hedge separating themselves from suburbia. They were always curious… even a little bit fearful… until they saw what was there and discovered new things about themselves and the “other world”. Mr. Allison came to our class earlier this week with a book called “Beatrice’s Goat”, which was set in an African community. Before we started, he prompted us to think about this idea of “community” and how it might possibly link to “wellbeing”, our current Unit of Inquiry. We gathered ideas after reading it, and one comment from Eve particularly stood out: “Everything we do has an effect on someone else…” which then made me think of the recycling symbol of 3 arrows making  a continuous triangle and also the concentric circles we have used since the start of the school year. We have been talking about wellbeing for ourselves, and then maybe our class and possibly the school… but have we ever stopped to think about wellbeing beyond the walls of ISM?? What is “over the wall?”… who is over the wall?? It looked like time for Super Investigators, so with clipboards in hand, we climbed up to the 4th floor and edged our way over to the balcony overlooking the pool. However this time, we weren’t looking down at the ISM pool, we were looking “over the wall” into the community beyond our walls… As we stood silently, observing, seeing, listening, we began to gather more and more data for our notebook. We noticed that there was a schoolboy walking to his house in a uniform… a rooster running in the back garden… a father cuddling his child up on the rooftop as his wife hung up a large amount of sparkly white clothing… an air conditioner humming in the background… a fancy white office building in the distance… 2 churches… lots of cranes in the distance constructing new buildings. As we observed even more, we noted down our “Thinking” and our “Wonderings”. Back at the classroom, we started a discussion that we will continue next week – how is community and wellbeing connected? What might we do to promote wellbeing in the community “over the wall”? Stay tuned for more next week… [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157631580656605/[/tylr-slidr]