What is happening in Ms O’Regan’s classes this week?

We have an exciting week ahead us with CWW (Classroom Without Walls) on Thurs and Fri.

One of your jobs for homework this week is to pack! Use the packing list provided and check the items off as you pack them.


In Writing Workshop you will revise and edit your small moment draft.

In Reading Workshop there will be a review of the connecting reading strategy and an in- class assessment. Check out the previous Metacognitive Reading Strategies blog post to help you review.  You will also need to have a book handy to show the connections you have made.

We will have our 4th and final Book Club session on Wednesday 26th Sept where we will continue talking about the books we are reading. Make sure you have read the required amount, are prepared for your role (have the completed role sheet in class) and have your book in class on Wednesday. Book Clubs will continue next week, but now you know what is expected, they will be in a different format.

Of course, we will continue reading “The Giver” for our read- aloud. I wonder what will happen next? I wonder what the main theme of the story is?

Homework: Reading and job for Book Club # 4 (due Wed) and review connecting strategy with examples from specific texts.

Social Studies:

We will review forms of government and economic systems for a quiz on Wed.

Use the notes from class and the brain pop to help you review. If you have any questions or want some extra help, come to tutorial on Tuesday.



  • All week: MAP testing in Math
  • All week: CCV Food drive
  • Wed: Book Club # 4. Read chunk 4 and bring your book and completed job to class so you are ready to actively participate in the discussion.
  • Wed: Bring gear for HB Olympian photo shoot- black PE shorts and House tee shirt.
  • Thurs: CWW. Be at school at 6.30am.
  • Fri: CWW.