Grade nine video

We made a video about health to help the grade nines with their project. This also helped us learn about physical well-being because our unit is physical well-being. We learned that to stay healthy you need a certain amount of sleep and exercise.

We are making this blog post so people can know why health is important. We helped the grade 9 to come up with 10 ideas for why we need to exercise. Some of the ideas we learned about are; eating healthy, to get strong and to not get sick.

We made this video with Grade 9 last week at september 17. The time was 9 : 30. We used a video camera to do our video with the Grade 9. It was fun because I was running around chasing Ben when I was a zombie. This is for the video to show health and fun by playing games and exersizing at the same time.

We made the grade nine video on the soccer field and the library and the MS hall way.We were in four different groups. This project was fun because I was running around on the soccer field.

Written by Ben, Cody, Ethan and Rand