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John Joseph is a brain guy, and he’s an expert on brains. He even collects brains! John Joseph has been a brain collector for a long long time. He learned that in a brain there is/a –

Thalamus Bridge

Fat Amygdala

Brain stem


Red room








They are pretty amazing stuff!  We did some work sheets and he showed us the parts of the brain and we learned that the water inside your head will protect germs or other bad stuff. We also learned about the red room. The red room is your mad room.Then we made a brain out of play dough.

We went to the loft that’s on the 4th floor of the ES tower on Thursday 20th of September to see John Joseph. I call him Brainologist.

We wrote about John Joseph so people can know about him and what he taught  the 3rd and 4th graders about the brain. I think John is a great story teller because he talks about his experience about them. His pictures and videos about the brain were a little interesting because there were parts of the brain that I didn’t know were there before he showed us.

We learned how to make a brain out of play dough. We also learned that small brains have better memory! The brain can make you sleepy or unsleepy. The red room which is in your brain can get you madder and happier.I like John Joseph because when we study with him it’s fun.

Written by Menno, Dexter, Holden, Ocean and Joaquin