On September 22, Saturday the REAL club enjoyed their first trip of the year to Mt. Maculot as an introductory hike to all the new daring adventurers joining in this year and it was a great experience. The hike started off in an odd foot as we had veered off course for a while but we soon got back on track and hiked up to the rockies and enjoyed our packed lunches together. Moving from the busy streets and polluted air of the city and into the quiet and fresh mountains was a refreshing change. Listening to the sound of the wind moving between trees and birds singing was like waking up in a fairy tale. Not a minute of the trip felt like a waste; not even the unplanned turn of events at the start. All sights, smells, and sounds gave our senses a chance to have a rest after living in the city for so long. Even all the sweat we dropped felt worth it when we got to our destination and saw the beautiful sky reflect off the calm and clear lake. Overall the trip was a great way to start off the stronger and better REAL club of 2012-2013.