We launched into our “Over the Wall” inquiry as to how community and wellbeing can be connected. On Monday the Smartians brainstormed what kind of product they would like to make for the upcoming field trip (a cartoon-comic strip) and als0 made their Top 3 choicse on which of the 4 components of health they would like to investigate. Then it was off to the CMC to begin the process… first they needed to hunt for books that fit into their categories of investigation. It was fun to hunt for both fiction and non-fiction books to add to the research cart. Then it was down to business, where they met in their research groups and decided what would be the focus “guiding questions” for our research. Having done that, the next step was to dig through those books, and hunt through the websites to find information that fits the questions. It was handy to have a giant recording grid for each group, where the Smartians practised the skill of point form notes, writing in their own words and citing their sources.  Ms. Pat teach even taught us a fancy professor word – plageurism. This is a no-no, so it is important to think about ways to avoid copying someone else’s words!. It has been a busy week… The field trip to GK777 is happening next Monday Oct. 8, so it is certain what the tasks will be this coming week!!! The Adventures of HealthMan… [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157631641970542/[/tylr-slidr]