It was enough to send Mrs. McGrath dancing up and down the aisles… Eve came to school on Thursday, opened up her Literacy Pouch and presented Mrs. McGrath with a letter she had written in her “Letters about Reading” notebook! WOW WOW WOW… this is exactly what the notebook is for, and before we have started this as a “must do” routine, Eve felt the pull towards writing one of her own. She was sharing comments about herself as a reader and observations about the books she has been reading. This gave Mrs. McGrath the chance to write back a letter later that night – how I love to do this… really “bounce the ball around” in a conversation that I hope will continue on and on in future letters. This first quarter we have been slowly establishing the routine of using “Stop and Jot” notes or Post-it notes to the use towards a Partner Buzz conversation. Our goal is to note down a few things that we noticed our brain thinking about as we were reading – things that we feel would make for a juicy, interesting converstion when we get together with Buzz Partners. These conversations have been “outloud conversations”, but eventually we will move towards written conversations about our reading. This is what the “Letters about Reading” notebook is all about. It was exciting to see a student spontaneously use this – BRAVO! May she inspire others to open up their Literacy Pouches and jump into a “Brain Splat” about their own reading!