Ah yes, Mrs. McGrath somehow always manages to find word study in anything we do -haha!! Before setting off to the CMC for a special opportunity to watch the High School Robotics Olympiad, we had an impromptu word study inquiry… Does anyone know how to spell the word “robotic”? Well, put on your Xray glasses and “peel the banana” – what is the base word you see inside this word? Ah, robot. So what must be a newly discovered suffix for our ever-growing word study board? <-ic> !! Ah, but we can’t put it up on the board until you people can go into your Personal Brain Dictionaries and come up with any other words that use the same suffix -ic but a different base… Prove it to me! (complete with Italian hand gestures that are so familiar to us now!!). Ah, what about <electronic>… what about <sonic>? Bravo! Are these free bases or bound bases?! Hmmm, they must be bound bases as they can’t stand alone as words, they need something to be fixed on to them!! Have you tried using the Word Searcher to find other words with the suffix -ic? http://www.neilramsden.co.uk/spelling/searcher/index.html Wow – microscopic, atomic, atmospheric, gymnastic… the list goes on and on!! Proven that <-ic> is actually a suffix!!

Off we then went to the CMC for the most exciting event around: watching the HS Robotics class and Robotics Club demonstrate their handmade robots perform various functions and tricks. The Darth Vader Robot which breathed fire was AMAZING… but it was also super cool to see Sian test drive a robot… and then the icing on the cake came when Mrs. McGrath was given  he chance to drive the robots in a  competition against Mrs. Markham of Grade 4. And the winner was….. SMARTIA!! Yippee! When we got back to class we were so excited that we drew a picture reflection of the experience. [tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157631696884443/[/tylr-slidr]