This week the children began inquiring into measuring.  They were asked the question “What can we measure?”  Of course most of the children began identifying objects that could be measured, realizing that just about any object could in fact be measured!  We then began to think about what elements of an object could we measure.  That was when the children began to think about measurement in a different way and came up with the brainstorm above.  During the next coming weeks we will be taking a closer look into measurement with observing how foods grow, finding out the perimeter of a different spaces, how much items weight, how much much space an item takes up (volume), the distance between places and time.  I encourage you to find ways to incorporate measurement into your daily routines at home!

Below is video that will allow you to think about measuring the distance between two points.  What non-standard unit of measurement can you come up with?  Can you remind us what we need to remember when we measure?

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(Video taken from You Tube)