What is happening this week? 


We will learn about RAFT writing, begin viewing videos, taking notes and practicing so that you will be able to write a piece for your upcoming interdisciplinary research project. This should be a lot of fun!




Topic/ theme


We will have Buddy Book Club for Chunk 4. You need to have read the chunk, have the book in class on Wed, and have 2 post-its that show transforming or places where new things have been revealed since you started reading your book, and 1 post-it for the summary of the chunk. 

We will have the sentence structure test on Friday 16 Nov. Check the previous blog titled “Sentence Structure Review” for sites to help you review.

Social Studies 

Remember the terms below are very important to help your understanding of this unit. You need to know what they mean and explain them:

  • Extraction
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Consumption
  • Disposal.

[slideshare id=15094655&doc=materialseconomy-121108234115-phpapp02]

Explain to your parents what they mean and how they relate to the world. Give some examples!

As we talk about the materials economy and review the concept of sustainability, you may want to try and calculate your ecological footprint. Click on the link below. Ask your family members to calculate theirs as well!















For homework, you are asked to bring a piece of clothing on Wednesday. This clothing is not school uniform. It can be a shirt, tee shirt, shorts, jeans etc, but it should have a label inside that says where it is made.

We will also start our interdisciplinary research topic this week. You will be introduced to the project on Tuesday in your HB class. There will be a G6 assembly on Wed where you will choose the topic you want to study, and your new Green Team research groups and classes will start on Thursday.



  • Book character inference poster due.


  • Buddy Book Club # 4.
  • Bring article of clothing to school.


  • Product research starts.


  • Current Events- Katya & Jennifer, Liz & Yukhi.
  • Friday Night Lights (after school)!